What do we know, why turn to us?

As you would expect, we can do the numbers, prepare the accounts, and make sure your tax returns comply with the latest legislation; but there’s something else.

One of the reasons our clients trust our advice is that it is often founded on personal experience of the people and partners behind Alanbrookes. We have first-hand experience in property. Whilst the main area that our clients are involved in is UK residential property portfolios, our extended family has interests in agricultural, commercial, and industrial property both in the UK and abroad.

The landscape is changing rapidly, especially for UK based buy-to-let landlords. The deliberate pain that The Chancellor is heaping on the sector will cause particularly pain to the typical Landlord. According to The NLA (The National Landlord's Association), there are approximately 1.7m landlords in the private residential sector and 85% own one unit, a further 12% own 2 units, which means that the last 3% account for portfolios of 3 or more properties. What started out as a sensible idea may now be turning into something of a nightmare. The problem is what can you do about it? Is there anything you can do to protect yourself? Have you figured out what the cost of doing nothing amounts to? Who might you turn to for practical advice which addresses your concerns, your circumstances, and your needs?

We would be delighted to help by listening to your story, sharing our experience, and guiding you as to the best next steps you can take. In the process we’ll give you the confidence you need to make high quality decisions that you can stick to, and a sense of purpose behind your strategy. If you don’t yet have a strategy then we can help you work out what is best for you.

Property Workshops for Landlords 2016

Due to popular demand, and because the changes have been coming so thick and fast, we are running a series of free property workshops aimed at UK based Landlords who are contemplating starting or expanding their property portfolio, or indeed those that have already decided to exit this sector. We know that a large part of the market comprise overseas investors who are active in the UK market, and we know that car parks in Bulgaria, farms in Hungary, vineyards in South Africa, villas in France and Italy might all be part of the mix, but for the moment we are just focusing on the small to medium sized portfolios in the domestic residential market.The workshops will be run from our Weston-super-Mare office.

Please follow this link to take you to the Property Workshops page where you will find more details about each workshop in the series, together with what to expect, an idea of timings and how to book your place. If you are already a Landlord, or are considering taking the next step towards becoming a Landlord - these workshops are a must!