"The true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes but in having new eyes"  ~  Marcel Proust

We have been supporters of Warriors Academy SA for years and have a particularly soft spot for their Toltec programme. It is hard to convey in words how eight days in the presence of brilliance, repeatedly transforms lives, because the way it impacts people is as many and varied as the number of people who attend. Suffice it to say that during the programme the participant learns a great deal about themselves and how they work with others. At the end of the programme they become a competent observer of what they do and why. In this way they often discard old limiting self beliefs and habits as well as embrace new ideas - especially working collaboratively.

Apart from personal development this programme has had a profound impact on commercial organisations with offices across the globe and which now are more inclined to work together rather than to compete.

Follow this link to read more about the Toltec programme.