It's tricky in an office environment to provide a meaningful or enlightening week for a 16-17 year old who is venturing out possibly for the first time to see the world of work, especially given the confidential nature of much of what we do. That's why we avoid having anyone in just to empty the waste paper baskets, peel the grapes, do the filing, or make the tea.

Instead we will devise a stretching week of project-based work designed to be of some benefit to both the student and ourselves. Very often this will include preparing a piece of research and delivering the findings to the senior partners improving public speaking and powers of persuasion skills. It may well also revolve around elementary programming which will suit those with high levels of IT skills. Work experience with us will be difficult to secure (as our screening processes are vigorous) and demanding to endure. However they will be memorable and stimulating with many a lesson learned only revealing themselves in years to come.

To apply, write to James Hill at the Stroud Office.