There are so many good sources of advice it's almost impossible to figure out where to start...and it can be lonely doing this on your own.

Come and talk to us. We'll listen and and put ourselves in your shoes before forming any view about what options and priorities you might want to pursue. You'll learn a lot simply by talking frankly and openly to someone who understands what it's like to run a business and - more importantly - doesn't have some sort of agenda as far as you are concerned. 

In return we'll help you identify critical risks, show you how to mitigate or eliminate them, and how to zero in on what is most important right now. We'll help you formulate a working plan that you can use to communicate with your clients and the team around you. This will help introduce discipline and routine benchmarks of performance, and by doing this regularly we'll help you stay on track. Once your goals have been identified we can act as your conscience holding your feet to the fire and ensuring you keep implementing relentless incremental improvements. The job may never be done but we'll keep you heading in the right direction.

We'll tell you how we see it; we'll tell you what other clients have done in your position, and what we would do if we were in your shoes.  We trust you'll agree our experience and impartiality is both helpful and supportive.