Crowd Funding
Talk to us. There are tricks to this trade. We don't know them all but if it's first time around for you then we'll have some valuable knowledge to share.

Bank Finance
If you want new or continuing support from your bank, then get us involved. Great accounts, great budgetary control systems, high level management accounts and frequently revised cash flow forecasting is a pre-requisite. For large facilities, the cost of our involvement will be more than covered by the better terms you are likely to secure.

Other People's Money
Are you familiar with the concept of the infinite return or how many ways there are to use Other People's Money? If not then come in and discuss your investment ideas with us. We will have some valuable information to share. You may be in a more powerful place than you imagine, so come and see how we can help you get your project financed - not always in conventional ways. You don't have to confine your search for money to all the places where everyone else is looking. We might not open our wallets but we'll open your mind, and when all's said and done that's probably worth a whole lot more to you.

Contingency Fees
We're quite prepared to discuss swapping advice for equity under the right circumstances. Talk to us.