Boardroom Help

An independent point of view can do a number of things in the boardroom, but here are our top three benefits:

  • Our commitment ensures that regular Board or Senior Management Meetings actually happen and to an agreed agenda.
  • Our experience can help your Board reach crucial decisions - in all likelihood more quickly and within the legal and financial constraints within which you operate.
  • Our presence brings an impartial and independent balance to the discussions - ensuring that nothing gets personal. This can help improve the quality of the decision as well as the collective responsibility for taking it.


If you are not ready for us to help you at Board level, then consider scheduling regular one or two hour one-to-one sessions in your diary. The agenda is set by you. This is all about exploring your options without worrying about who you're talking to. Remember, as a firm we sit at the financial heart of nearly 2,000 enterprises collectively employing more than 6,000 people and handling sales of half a billion pounds. The chances are that however unique your situation we will have experienced something similar in the past. By overlaying someone else's experience with your circumstances the two of us can probably figure out what the likely scenarios are, and what you'll need to prepare for. Remember smart people learn from their mistakes - wise people learn from other people's mistakes.

Whatever stage you are in the business life cycle, you'll find that regular sessions will help keep you on track and us up to date with developments - and that means even better quality and more timely valuable advice.