Time and again we are asked "How do you know? How can I tell?".

We don't. What we can do is improve the odds immensely in your favour. We can do this by deploying our bespoke business modelling software and stress testing your plans in as many different ways as you can imagine.

Great decisions get off to a good start by packing them with the confidence that you have thought through as many of the consequences as possible. In the heat of the moment, if things take off like a rocket or go slightly haywire, you don't want to be paralysed by indecision, not knowing what to do or what the consequences of any particular decision might be. You will be immeasurably better off for having done the thinking and dry-run rehearsals ahead of time.

This is where planning comes in. Our models will show you everything you need to know. Anticipated funds flow and cash positions, gearing, working capital requirement, business valuation, headcount, productivity, and so on. We can set the budgets. We can flex the forecasts; we can measure actual performance against budgets and forecasts, all the while keeping an eye on what's going to happen next - especially to your working capital.

Embrace this and you'll always be ahead of the curve dictating the agenda not fighting fires.  

Although we use proprietary third party business planning software, we have developed our own models which have taken more than 2,000 man hours of software development to reach their current state of sophistication. There is a full range to choose from but at the top end you will be able to enter detail like names, titles, pay grades and pay rises; account for known future tax changes; account for your fixed asset register adding to it as you choose; include new loans, pay off old loans, change current and future VAT rates, see your stock levels in different product lines and in different depots,  account for working capital by way of confidential invoice discounting or straight overdraft. The combination of all these factors will generate your forecast profit and loss account for as far ahead as you choose, you can do this on an accruals or cash basis as well as calculate your cash flow, your PAYE/PAYE, VAT and Corporation tax dues and payments. All this will let you see how and when money flows through your enterprise, what your projected monthly and year end balance sheet will look like, and you can do this for individual enterprises or groups of companies.

You can run these models as part of your due diligence for appraising acquisitions, and when it comes to budgeting, you can set your own and revised budgets as well as measure and report your actual vs forecast performance. To top it off you can up date the model to show the mix of historic data and future amended forecasts so you can stay well ahead of developments. These models, were you to procure them from any of the household name accounting firms, would cost tens of thousands of pounds. Worse, because they have been designed by accountants for accountant, they are complicated to operate and therefore often come with expensive operators and further fees. Despite their power and value, we have designed our programmes to be simple to operate and easy to understand - not least because they incorporate useful graphics as well.

Talk to us about how to best take the leap into the grown up world of detailed financial control. Freedom starts here. This is where you start to run the business not the other way around.