Whatever your plans for your retirement, you will be better off by facing up to the inevitable day when you won't be able or want to work - in the conventional meaning of the word.

You could, as we like to say, start with the end in mind.

Once you know what you want (in today's money) you can figure out what needs to be done between now and your planned date of retirement.

One of the most substantial contributors to your "pension pot" might be the business you work for. One of the ways of maximising the return you get from your business is by regularly focusing on how its capital value is changing and/or by steadily improving its ability to generate a self sufficient enduring income without your further involvement.

Either way ask to see the tools and processes we have to hand that might help you decide what is most important right now and how to decide what comes next and to what end. We have considerable experience in this department so come in and have a no-obligation discussion to see what might be done to get your retirement planning on the road.

By clarifying what you want, running the numbers, and calculating the tax implications, you will be in the best possible position to deal with wealth planners, estate planners and heritage planners.

Come and share your dreams and aspirations with us. Our job will be to show you how. Say not "I can't afford that", instead ask "How can I afford that?".