There are differing views as to what constitutes The Family Office. Many regard it purely as the administration of the family's wealth. We see it more as a variation on the theme of a financial concierge or comprador - a professional Mr Fixit if you like. However you see it, there are occasions when you need to run a team of professionals. Instead of getting the help you needed, you may instead find that you are drawn into having to recruit, motivate and manage an army of people each an expert in their own field. You then have to handle them whilst they each compete with the other for your attention and fees.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just have one point of contact to get things done for you? You make the major decisions and then delegate the authority to someone who will mind your back. This will save you time and hassle, and almost certainly result in you making better quality decisions. As your indispensable trusted adviser this is a role we can undertake to great effect.

You may have simple or complex financial affairs, but the minute you are thinking about inheritance, you will almost certainly have insurance brokers, wealth planners, investment advisers,  stock brokers, a bank or two, a tax adviser and a solicitor involved. There is much duplication here. We are good with numbers and where there is finance of any sort there are tax considerations, so it makes sense to have an accountant at the heart of matters. 

Leave the homework to us so you don't have to get sucked into the time-consuming and often baffling rigmarole of double checking the various reports you would otherwise receive from multiple sources. We can do the double checking and present the information in a way that means something to you. In doing so we will exert a tight grip on the rest of the team holding them to account for their fees.