The one thing you know about forecasts is that they will be wrong.

They should, after all, simply be the product of the maths that flows from the assumptions you have to make about the future. The better able you are to figure out what happens when and if, the greater your confidence in the decisions you take. That goes for your financiers as well. They like robust forecasting models and they like to see plenty of scenario planning.

The better your forecasting models the fewer surprises and the quicker you will be able to recognise what is unfolding in front of you. When you have really done your homework it will seem as if you have already experienced the future. This puts you in the best possible position to know what to do and how to react. You'll be on top of your brief, ahead of the curve - however you want to describe it.

We have a range of great business modelling software and being at the heart of nearly 2000 enterprises and part of the pre-eminent international network of professional advisers we've either seen it before or know someone else who has faced what you face.

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