After your Staging Date, your responsibilities are not at an end!

You will have ongoing legal requirements to communicate with your employees individually at pre-determined times in the prescribed format to ensure all your employer statutory duties are performed on time and as required by The Pensions Regulator. This includes managing the Pension Scheme opt-in and opt-out process and maintaining compliant records.

You will also need to provide electronic files to your Pension Provider every time your payroll is run, as well as ensuring you download files from the Provider before each payroll is run.

If we currently provide your Payroll services and you wish us to handle auto enrolment for you

We will process all your Auto Enrolment requirements including direct & secure provision of all statutory communications to all your employees and provision of an online portal for all payroll information for your employees.

We will provide a complete communications package direct to your employees. We will provide them with a secure online portal which will hold all their payslips, other payroll documentation including P60s & all Auto Enrolment communications including notification of Opt-Out procedures and the required notifications if their eligible employee status should change throughout the year.

Pension Provider File Transmission Service

We will produce from our Payroll software the necessary electronic file compatible with your selected Pension Provider to enable you to transmit the file through their online portal. If you prefer, we can use the file created to transmit on your behalf through our online portal to your Pension Provider. And download a file from your Pension Provider before each payroll is run.