Accounting & Business Advice with a distinctly different style

Alanbrookes are a firm of Chartered Accountants whose partners have first-hand experience of property investment, giving them a strong understanding of clients’ challenges and objectives, and the know-how to offer the best solutions.

With a diverse range of landlord clients, Alanbrookes is at present helping clients manage the key challenges they face including cash flow pressure from tax changes, heightened risk of the sustainable commercial viability of the property portfolio as a result of further regulation/rule changes, and preparing for the impact of inevitable and meaningful rises in interest rates.

Alanbrookes are delighted to be part of the NLA (National Landlords Association) Recognised Supplier Scheme and their recent profile article in the UK Landlord Magazine for November/December 2017 can be read here Accounting & Business Advice with a distinctly different style

Drawing its inspiration from Britain’s former Chief of the Imperial General Staff and close confidante of Sir Winston Churchill, the firm’s partners aspire to provide clients with some of the virtues Alan Brooke displayed in his distinguished military career, notably as a master of strategy.

James Hill, Senior Partner at Alanbrookes

James Hill, Senior Partner at Alanbrookes

The firm takes a practical approach to helping its clients, paying attention to what they have to say, starting with “What problem are you trying to solve and why?” One of the specialist areas it deals with is enabling families to structure and organise themselves in such a way as to beat what Senior Partner James Hill terms the Midas Curse. “In other words, we help them become part of the 10% who successfully transition wealth and cohesion beyond the third generation,” he explains. “As our firm can trace its direct roots back to 1926, and having successfully navigated the pressure and exuberance of property, political, and economic cycles, we know a bit about long term planning. In our experience, successful strategies are supported by getting the structure, constitution and governance right from the start.”

The firm’s policy is to steer its clients clear of get-rich-quick scams or financially risky or unproven tax avoidance schemes, preferring instead to concentrate on what matters – sustainable, low risk, easy-to-manage, efficient structures that focus on bespoke clearly articulated goals that clients want.