Small business advice and guidance provided to fledgling businesses

If you’d wandered past the Wilson Café in Cheltenham last Thursday morning, you would have not have been able to miss mums with toddlers, mums with babies, mums with bumps, making the most of Cheltenham Maman’s Pop up Market and Events Hub.
You would have also spotted Megan John, Alanbrookes, engaged in one-on-one small business consultations with a variety of mums, either looking to start or grow their business, whilst juggling the many demands and rewards of being a mum. 
The brainchild of Kate Starkey, these events offer a great support network for mums with young children who want to connect and mix with like-minded mums who are busy building brands and businesses, or who want to get started. They are lively affairs. From group chat and introductions; progress updates; celebrating successes; to mini-consultations on a variety of topics including performance coaching, marketing,  and small business planning and growth; attending is a fantastic way for mums to keep engaged, focused, and feel supported. 


As Megan commented: “We’re delighted to be invited along as small business specialists to these events to offer advice and guidance.  I’ve provided consultations to mums who are running a whole range of businesses.  Some are looking for advice on how to make their business idea more viable; some have just set up their business and need advice on the most suitable business structure, and on financial planning; whilst others are looking to get practical advice and assistance on how to take the next steps to grow their business.”

Alanbrookes has developed a Business Start-up Toolkit which is tailored to each business we advise and support.  Throughout the year, we will be running a series of workshops offering constructive advice, guidance and support for new business start-ups, including business and financial planning, and how to develop an effective marketing plan.  

Contact Megan John at Alanbrookes to find out more. E: