Tax Tips & Advice for 2016/2017

For clear & concise practical tax advice, have a read through our just published Tax Tips & Advice for 2016/2017 guide.

Designed to shed light on areas of interest to all our clients, it covers Family Matters, Working for Others, Running a Business, Your Investments, Property Matters, Disposals & Capital Gains and Preserving the Inheritance.

Identify any areas where you could take action and contact us for advice on how to take the most appropriate way forward.

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Landlord Workshops - Update from our first session

For those who missed it, we had an entertaining session updating the current and proposed changes to property related taxes. We counted 11 significant changes which affected everyone and then explored some of the additional likely changes that will be imposed by local councils all of which will add to the costs of owning, operating, and passing on property.

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A Kite Dancing in a Hurricane

I missed the live reading of the budget as I had something more important to do, to wit helping a client. When I emerged from the meeting to check the newsfeed, the first bite sized piece of information proffered was that it contained 77 separate measures. This caused ice to form on my upper slopes. The thing with politicians – of all mainstream parties – is that they all believe that they can effect significant change, particularly if they are seen to “do something”, or even better 77 things. 

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Increase in Dividend Tax for 2016

The 2015 Summer Budget included the shock announcement that, from 6 April 2016, the tax rate on dividends will increase by 7.5%. So should you be paying yourself extra Dividends now?

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