Start with Why by Simon Sinek

The author sets out a compelling case that explains how enduring success is underpinned and how, in the absence of this ingredient, success may be short lived or altogether absent. Whatever the area of activity you care to review, the distinction between those who truly inspire and lead, as opposed to those that merely explain and manage, boils down to the presence or absence of sense of purpose.

 It may be good enough, at least in the short term, to create great products bristling with innovative features and great value, but if the two parties to the deal do not articulate or recognize the cause behind the product/service or idea, then no amount of energy, or manipulation will sustain the enterprise.

 The author goes to great length to give well known examples of exemplary companies that start with the reason why they exist, before deciding what they are going to do to prove it. This approach stands on its head, much of the orthodox thinking and practice of the marketing world – be it propaganda, sales of products or services, or political movements. He refers to this as starting with the WHY, then figure out HOW you deliver the WHAT. Doing things this way builds trust, loyalty and harnesses the energy of early adopters and the law of diffusion.

 What surprised me most was that the author waited until the end of the book to reveal that the WHY is already there. Because it is impossible to make it up with any kind of sustainable authenticity, we just have to find it. The task of the coach or mentor is therefore to help people through Guided Discovery to unearth their WHY. They can then romp home to the WHAT and HOW.

 Were I to apply the above principles to The Alanbrookes Way, then it would be revealed as:-

1.      Our purpose is to liberate people’s full potential.

2.      We do this by helping them become insiders and find their WHY.

3.      We do this by deploying our people, processes and systems on behalf of the client in order to create the space and time for them to grow by coaching, teaching and mentoring.