Does incompetence or dishonesty mean that an ideology is fatally flawed, or does it merely discredit its practitioners and confine good ideas to the backwaters? We would argue that a good idea stands the test of the time, and if we look at the exemplars of the ideals and practices that lie at the heart of the Co-Operative movement, then we have to conclude that there must be something behind the longevity and good reputation of enterprises that have successfully weathered industrial and technological revolutions, two world wars and political upheaval over the last two hundred years or so.

At the core of the Co-Op movement we see integrity, self-reliance, mutual respect and social progress trumping unsustainable exploitation.

We believe that the Co-Operative structure merits close scrutiny as a great way to handle the competing interests of all the stakeholders in an enterprise. Talk to us.

We are Associate Members of Co-Operatives UK. The combination of our talent with numbers and the Co-Op's experience means we can help you create a compelling alternative structures to house your enterprise. We have put together a couple of lists that may help you appreciate some of the strengths and opportunities that going down the Co-Operative route might offer.

10 Reasons why you might consider structuring yourself as a Co-operative

  1. Create a “Family Office” that harnesses the talent, wealth and traditions of a nuclear or extended family.
  2. Plug into the international Co-Op movement.
  3. Gain access to generous support.
  4. Stand out from the crowd by sending the right ethical signals to your target market.
  5. Ensure a democratic approach to decision making. Read Ricardo Semler’s book called Maverick to see how effective this can be even under the most trying circumstances.
  6. One of the best ways to structure, organize and administer a community project.
  7. One of the best ways to promote and collaborate amongst competing enterprises.
  8. Improve your chances of success and still be in business years from now.
  9. Improve involvement and engagement by all stakeholders in the enterprise.
  10. Solve succession and tax planning issues.

10 reasons we love working with Co-operatives

  1. We love the ethos of mutual help.
  2. We applaud the notion of sustainable self-reliance.
  3. We encourage the view that “there must be a better way”.
  4. We prize the long view trumping short term expediency.
  5. We acknowledge the value that the Co-Operative model places on culture, its constitution and collaboration.
  6. We are reminded of the saying that “he who travels alone moves faster, but those who travel together go further”.
  7. We appreciate the structural advantages provided by the Co-Op model fortifying and protecting the enterprise from excessive state interference.
  8. Whilst we are strong advocates of wealth creation (you have to create it before you can exercise your freedom of choice as to how tospend it), we subscribe to the view that values, ideas, and causes, can be much more important, enduring and fulfilling than just profit.
  9. We recognize the brilliant opportunities the Co-Op model gives individuals to enjoy the benefits of the collective whilst retaining direct input, involvement and influence. We say δεν (or OXY as The Greeks might say) to institutional slavery.
  10. We understand how the privileged tax status of Co -Ops can be usefully applied to a wide range of circumstances.