WHAT3WORDS has divided the earth into three-metre by three-metre squares, fifty-seven trillion squares in total. And each square has been assigned a series of three random words as a moniker to give every location on earth a unique positioning code. The three-word code is far easier to remember than a complicated set of GPS coordinates or addresses. Also, the words they use are simple and all effort is made to ensure the ease of use.

This system isn’t just useful in rural areas, it can greatly help in big developed cities. You can precisely tell your friends your three-word location code and they can find you within a very small area. While what3words uses latitude and longitude to pinpoint locations, users only need to know the three-word code to find places. Alternately, they can search a well known location to find its three-word code. The app uses GPS and doesn’t require access to a data plan.

Download the app or click on the links below to discover the simplest way to find each of our offices.

Click on this what3words link for our Stroud Office

Click on this what3words link above for our Devizes Office

Click on this what3words link above for our Weston-super-Mare Office