This is a favourite area of ours and we’re surprisingly good at it.

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Innocent of the allegations or not, HMRC (and other organs of the State) can make your life hell. Worse they can simply slap you with an unsubstantiated assessment, load it with the threat of fines and prosecution and then dump the responsibility, cost and obligation on you to prove your innocence. If you have ever become entangled with The State then you will probably agree with us that it is worth avoiding the anguish. We will absorb the hassle on your behalf and every bit as important hold your hand whilst dealing with HMRC.

Our objective is to protect your sanity every bit as much as your wealth. If you want to pursue justice and principal along the lines of the celebrated Winslow Boy case, then that’s fine – we’ll be with you all the way – never quitting just because the odds look grim. On the other hand, we will be just as happy to expedite a sensible compromise and return you as best as we are able to normality if that is what you prefer. The first thing we need to do therefore is find out what you really want, so come in and share your thoughts with us.