If you would like to see if your character and personality fits in with the Alanbrookes & JS Weeks culture please read on:

We have an incredibly flat organisation chart. We expect all members of the team to handle all aspects of client service and to be involved in every part of running the business. That means we comprise the Directors and then the client managers. Apart from the pivotal role our Practice Manager plays, that's it. 

Current Vacancies

We are always looking for great people to join our team so if you are an exponent of cloud-based software, have an inquiring mind & enjoy working with interesting clients in a flexible working environment, please get in touch with us now. 

See yourself as an Alanbrookes Accountant?

It's through the expertise, knowledge and experience of our people that we are able to help privately-owned businesses more effectively than many firms of accountants. Our success is based on recruiting staff who share our attitudes and our values and become trusted business partners to our clients.

To achieve this we only recruit people who have the right attitude and are passionate about making a positive difference to our clients.

We are always on the lookout for bi- or multi-lingual qualified accountants/trainees. (Computer programming counts as a foreign language in our book).

You do everything; know everything; and are responsible for thinking, dreaming and doing everything possible to serve your client's best interest. You need to know everything possible about your client and ensure that you are always able to tell them something they don't already know; do something for them that they haven't got the time, knowledge or skill to do; and constantly think ahead, keeping tabs on and suggesting valuable ways to improve their business, save tax, create and keep more cash, drive down risk and build value.

Academic and professional qualifications are taken as read. What is most important is your breadth of experience, your eagerness to learn, and your organisational and presentational abilities. You need to be able to listen with care and accuracy; probe with sensitivity until you unearth the real and most important issues facing your client, and then persuade with skill and commercially compelling well reasoned arguments. You need to ensure that your client takes timely action. In short this is about attitude. If you were a doctor, this would be described as your bedside manner. Skill and knowledge are par for the course. You need to carry people with you.

If this approach suits you then contact James Hill by e-mail jameshill@alanbrookes.co.uk. Send him your resumé with a cover letter outlining why this environment would suit you and what you think you could do for our clients and why.