There's standard management accounts and then there's financial control. It all depends on what you are after.

The first step might be just making sure your standard management accounts (Profit and Loss account and Balance sheet) match you statutory accounts and are prepared in a timely fashion circulated to those who need to see them.

Then you can move up in the world to include funds flow statements. This and the balance sheet are probably the most important reports you should have as a minimum. Then we can move into setting and reporting against budgets, followed by revised forecasts. And at any time we can introduce the measurement of essential key measures of past performance and/or predictors of future performance

Finally you might like to dig deep into the figures and start the analysis of what's going better or worse than plan, find out why, and work out what might happen depending on what action you decide to take.

In summary we can present this using graphics and pithy commentary in a single A4 sheet of paper. You'll have the supporting schedules of course