Before you can prepare your tax computations and file your statutory accounts, you need to be confident that you know how your enterprise has performed during the period under review.

This starts with great record keeping, then it moves to timely and consistent produced statements that record the income and expenses of your business making sure that you have made provision for all the costs that have been incurred whether or not you have actually been billed by a supplier.

For example, if you have assets that are declining in value you will need to account for the depreciation in their value. If you have equipment that needs serviceing or overhauling then you need to provide for the time when the service or overhaul becomes due. In this way you match the income your business is generating with the costs it is incurring and you know what surplus or loss it is actually generating.

The quality of your trading accounts form part of your management information systems and lie at the heart of your planning and decision making.

We have some fantastic software and processes that we can introduce you to. Come in for a no-obligation discussion to see what we can do to open up the wonderful world of numbers and how to interpret what they mean for you.