If you own property in your own name or as a partnership,  whether it is commercial, residential, holiday, student, industrial investment properties, a mixture of more than one type or development projects, then you will need to prepare property accounts that will form part of your overall personal tax return.

There are special rules and allowances that apply.  It is not unusual for these rules to change.

Making the most of the allowances available to you and in particular getting the structure of any mortgage or loan right, from the outset, will be crucial in determining i) how good the investment is and ii) how quickly you will double your money. Because investment property is more often than not a long term prospect, a small shift (by which we mean part of 1%) in the annual surplus will make a dramatic difference to value of your lifetime's accumulation of wealth.

This is also very closely associated with risk management as well. Come in for a no-obligation discussion about the best ways to get involved with the property market.