You are perfectly entitled to arrange your affairs in as tax efficient a manner as legally possible.

Very often, when considering the merits of making such an investment, you will be contemplating significant numbers. We see dozens of schemes some of which are suspect and very poor value for money. There are however a number of good ones which we would be happy to talk through with you.

Not every scheme benefits each investor in the same way. The best thing to do is to get us involved as an independent trusted adviser and ask for a second opinion. We will need to meet you if you are not already a client and find out exactly what's involved and what you want.

Do not worry, this is not an FCA regulated interminable demand for pointless information.

We won't be making a recommendation, we will simply report to you, using detailed numbers, the likely costs and benefits that the scheme you have under consideration is offering you. We will come off the fence and let you know what we would do in your circumstances, but in the end our aim is to ensure you get the real information on which to decide what you want to do.