When asking us to complete your Corporation Tax Return we are not just form filling for you, there is a great deal more to it than that. We start by ensuring that your Accounts are complete and correct, as the information contained within your accounts is used to form the basis of the tax calculation.

Once we are happy that the accounts are correct we will take a holistic view of your tax situation (that is, we won’t just look at your business income) and make recommendations that we think could decrease the amount of tax you will have to pay to HMRC.

You will then be sent a copy of the tax return/tax calculation to have a look over before any submissions are made.

Once everyone is happy we will submit your return to HRMC. We can also help you with the payment of your tax as well, as there are many different methods and deadlines when making payments.

This comprehensive service ensures that the correct and minimum amount of tax is being paid and will mean that should HMRC ever decide to look into your tax affairs you have nothing to worry about!