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As tempting as it is to hoard all the tasks of developing and supporting your enterprise for yourself, you are much more likely to be better off by sticking to your core unique abilities. You will be leading people, communicating ideas, managing change, designing your business and the products and services that give it a right to exist. Don’t get bogged down with the time-consuming “easy stuff”. In reality the easy stuff is difficult and can be time consuming to do well, and doing it poorly will undermine everything else you want to do.

Come in and talk to us about what we can do to get you off the ground. We won’t charge for the initial consultation and for some entrepreneurs we offer a free 12 months mentoring programme through our EMA programme. We can help you develop concepts, convert them into the financial business model that will be an imperative in sustaining any kind of investment (even if it is all your own money) and we can help you with forecasting and basic compliance. The more homework you do prior to the initial meeting the more you will get out of the encounter. We’ll listen carefully; we’ll tell you what we would do in your circumstances, and answer any questions you have. Who knows if we like each other and if you so wish you can come on board as a client so we can let the fun begin and grow together.