Alanbrookes is registered to conduct statutory audits. It’s a competitive market for a number of reasons. Many enterprises regard a statutory audit as a necessary but expensive and disruptive compliance matter and therefore want to get it over and done with as cheaply and as quickly as possible. There are plenty of famous name who effectively loss lead when quoting prices to conduct audits for they know that they accrue two advantages. First they lock out their rivals and secondly they gain an in-depth insight into the business they are auditing. Alanbrookes is competitive. It has to be. But let us pose a few questions for you before you decide who you want rummaging through your business.

  1. Will you be getting senior partner level involvement backed by decades of experience in the real world, or will you be fobbed off with recently qualified well-educated youngsters who’s only fault it that they are young?
  2. Will you be appointing a firm that has a big ivory tower and massive national or international overheads to support, or someone more your size and embedded in the community in which you operate?
  3. Do you regard the exercise simply as a matter of compliance or might you be open to the idea that an audit could be the single most effective examination of how well the operations of your business are connected to its performance?
  4. Are you just after an Auditor's report or would you prefer a lively insightful discussion about what’s going well, what could be improved and what next steps to take?

We could be just what you, your business and your investors need. Give us a call and come in to talk to us about The Alanbrookes Difference.