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Even if changing accountants is perceived as time consuming, disruptive and low value, taking the decision can be remarkably simple. Just ask yourself these questions:- “Do I rely on my accountant as much as I should? If not is that because I don’t know what they can do or because I don’t think they can add much to the pot?”

If you want a close working relationship that adds a great deal more value than the fees, then give us a call. Of course there will be formalities but we can handle them all for you. If you are unsure what an accountant could or should be doing for you then come in and talk to us.

There’s no obligation and no fee. You will almost certainly find that an hour or two invested in appointing the right team to support you will pay substantial and long term dividends. We are all about long term. Come in and have a chat or make an appointment

Becoming an Alanbrookes Client

There are so many questions to ask when starting your relationship with an new Accountant and sometimes the most important ones are the very ones you forget to ask in your first meeting.

Hopefully you will find the answers you need here, but if not please ask any member of our team.