If ever you want to be privy to both the brilliance and pointless depravity of Homo Sapiens (Ha!) then this is a must read. I was introduced to this author (see also Babylon’s Ark and The Elephant Whisperer) when I became involved with the Shared Universe project in 2014. In this book Lawrence Anthony tells the true story of his involvement in rescuing the remaining Northern White Rhinos inhabiting the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a leading and internationally respected wildlife conservationist, his connection with and understanding of animals comes shining through. Apart from the astonishing acts of heroism, feats of endurance, and bloody minded focus on the task in hand, what caught my attention was the way he dealt with people.

His raw honesty, whilst never gratuitously rude, cut through so much institutional obfuscation, dithering and cowardice, that he inspired and motivated ordinary people to see through much of the nonsense around them (dressed up as hierarchy and social order) and to take risks to do what was right. In passing, he brokered a ceasefire deal and engineered some degree of reconciliation between warring factions including the infamous LRA (Lords Resistance Army), something the international community had failed to do before or since.

I hope it inspires you in the same way it inspired me to do something tangible to help the rhinos. See what is being done that is already making a difference on the ground. Have a look at http://www.shareduniverseafrica.com/ and join in. This is not so much about making money as making a difference and remember The Journey IS the dividend…..and can’t be taxed in any jurisdiction!