When you become a client this is what will happen.

First we both find out whether we want to work together. This means having an off-the-record chat at no charge and with no-obligation. You can discuss anything with us in complete confidence.

After the first meeting we will send you a proposal which will include a description of what we believe you have asked us to do for you together with some idea of price.

If you would like to proceed then we will go through the regulatory & legal formalities which will include:

  • Creating a client engagement letter & schedules setting out the nature of the work you have asked us to do.
  • Appointing the person who will be your main point of contact (your Client Manager )
  • Issuing our Terms & Conditions as required by the ICAEW our regulatory body. These include our terms of charging and payment as well as other statutory & regulatory information.

Once you have counter-signed the letter of engagement and returned it to us we can start work. If this includes transferring your account from another accountant, we'll handle that for you and in any event we'll start the process of registering ourselves as your agents with HMRC.

From then on we will do our very best to provide the exact level of service you require. Imagine you had booked into a hotel and wanted to have an early morning alarm call, a personal trainer, a specific morning paper (ironed not folded), a certain brand of coffee or tea, a certain piece of music played when you are shown your room, hypoallergenic pillows, and so on then you would ask for it. It's the same with us.

We have great systems that can accommodate almost any combination of preference; we are pretty good at using our experience to make educated guesses at what you might prefer, but we draw the line at guaranteeing to read your mind. We love it when you tell us what you want, so in order to make sure you will never be worried about picking up the phone and letting us know, we never charge for ad hoc telephone calls and e-mails. It's part of the service - designed by you to support you as much and as frequently as you want. Your call - our service.