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It’s hard enough just growing your business, but when you add in competing layers of complexity and change, (finance / banking / regulation, technology, and domestic or international economic and political environment) then staying on top of it all is daunting.

If your business is getting the better of you then let us help.

We work with specialists in the field – especially multiple outlet manufacturing or retail operations – and we have some very competent in-house software development capability of our own. This combination gives you a great shot at figuring out exactly what you want, stress-testing the specifications you select, and finding the perfect vendor who will meet your needs. We will be happy to co-ordinate and oversee the successful implementation of what you end up buying.

If you ever wondered why so many IT projects fail, then you will probably find the root cause in one or both of the following places:-

  1. The Buyer didn’t really know what they wanted or why;
  2. They rushed into it.

Remember that it is quite normal for the implementation and training costs to represent the largest part of a new IT project. However they will dwarf the costs and risk of failure.

Come in and talk through your challenges with us. The chances are you will be in familiar territory.