Automatic Enrolment into a qualifying pension scheme is compulsory for all your eligible jobholders, but ongoing membership of the pension scheme is not. A jobholder has the right to opt out of the Pension Scheme but cannot opt out of Automatic Enrolment.

Auto Enrolment Set Up, Assessment & Employee Communication

If we currently provide your Payroll services and you have chosen our Auto Enrolment Assessment Package, we will have some of the data we require already.

  • We will make sure it is correct including employee emails & addresses.
  • We will then assess your employees and carry out Auto-Enrolment for those who are eligible.
  • We will communicate with all your employees to inform them of their categorisation and what they will need to do next.
  • We will apply Postponement if required.

With your in-house Payroll

Because of the costs involved in handling payroll data we would recommend that if you want us to undertake Auto Enrolment for you, it is likely to be much cheaper and more efficient if we run your payroll as well. We can however still carry out your Auto Enrolment responsibilities for you if you provide us with your payroll data each time you process it.