Buying something? Broadening your geographical reach or your product range?

Apart from the legal documentation you will need some good accounting due diligence carried out on your behalf; and that does not just mean collating the numbers.

For example, how will you measure the attitude of the people you are buying? It's no good just looking at what's on paper - you need to witness what you are getting as early on in the process as possible. An accountant is a perfect person to gather both the numbers and do an audit on the soft skills and attributes that make up the human capital of the enterprise you have your eyes on. It's also a good chance to run our business modelling software so you can see what the likely outcome will be  under all sorts of scenarios. It's what we do. This may help you with your negotiations and or avoid disaster; it will certainly help you identify where to overhaul the systems.

When it comes to selling we can help too. There are plenty of tricks of the trade that you can deploy to enhance the desirability of your firm and with it the value and speed with which you will capitalise on your work. 

Call us to fix up a no-obligation in depth discussion to see how we can help. 

Before either buying or selling please talk to us first. We have experience in a wide range of corporate transactions ranging from the syndication of the international tranche of a multi hundred million dollar IPO in Indonesia, to the successful (and pleasantly surprising) disposal of a construction related business that had become a running sore for its owner.....and of course, transactions in between.