Getting the structure of your enterprise set up correctly is every bit as important to your commercial plans, as asset allocation is to your wealth planning.

Making every pound count; retaining the maximum amount of surpluses will accelerate your growth and/or manage the risk you run; and extracting surpluses you need in as efficient a manner as possible allows you to concentrate on building something really worthwhile as free as possible from external constraints.

There is so much to do as a founder / owner / manager of an SME. Getting the structure right and knowing when and how to restructure will help you conserve cash, reduce personal and familial risk, and minimise any reliance on external funds.

Well thought through structures necessarily need to be bespoke to every family. Not only will positioning your firm just right help you, but it will also assist when it comes to disposing of part or all of your business. The correct structure will also help you to set in place the long term succession plans.

Talk to us - we have first hand experience in doing this for ourselves and a number of clients. We can have a two hour no-obligation discussion so we can really understand what your long terms aims are, we can then give you some ideas and if you like you them, then please ask us to help you implement the plan. If not - then perhaps another time. You will have plenty of food for thought.