We have a view. No client should run their own payroll. Let us explain.

If you have a big payroll then it's almost certainly cheaper to outsource this than fund the people, the training, the systems to operate it - especially with the regular changes in employment and taxation law. If you have a small payroll then you are probably better off concentrating on generating more sales and charming your clients. If you are somewhere in between then consider the client we came across a few years ago.

Our client was in construction and, a bit like the frog immersed in water steadily being brought to the boil, didn't notice how many thousands of pounds were spent handling the follow up from each payroll. On handing over the running of his payroll to us, the proprietor was relieved of the need to expend any nervous energy on this part of his business and as a consequence expanded rapidly and went on to become a household name. There are more costs than are originally apparent when trying to do everything in house.

Come in and have a no-obligation discussion to see how we might be able to help. We can run your Payroll on our sophisticated software and hand the details over to you - or if you prefer we can run your Payroll on cloud-based Xero software so that the details are instantly available online for you to view.

If you are about to tackle Auto-Enrolment and are dreading the impact this will have on your Payroll, visit our Auto-Enrolment website page and discover how you can hand the whole problem over to us!