Over the last twenty years there has been a distinctive and deeply unpleasant change in the language used by HMRC. Just because we are used to it does not mean that when you are on the receiving end it feels any less intimidating. You don't even need to have done anything wrong to be selected for investigation.

The last thing you need is to be distracted from the task in hand by diverting your reserves of energy, time and money dealing with the unequal struggle. You don't need to cope with hours left hanging on the telephone; you don't need to soak up the exhaustion of being attacked on a number of fronts - each front apparently oblivious of the progress of the other. 

We come across this all too often. It's seldom quick to resolve - but for us it's "normal".

If, as and when you get picked upon, bring the file to us, put us completely in the picture and we'll agree a strategy to handle it. More often than not, our strategy will include endless patience and a dead pan straight bat - a bit like Geoffrey Boycott at his best if you like.  Then leave it to us to absorb the aggravation and get back to what you are best at and most enjoy.

We are experienced with and have a great track record in the arena of all levels of tax investigation including special compliance and prosecution, so if you want to improve the odds of defeating an enquiry, but want to leave your existing relationships intact then click here to set up a temporary and restricted authorisation for the HMRC to deal with us. This won't affect permissions with your incumbent accountant. 

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